Ongoing development

Ongoing development

StormTac Web is continuously being developed with new data and methods, partly based upon feedback and requests from our users. The following development is going on right now:

1. Continued work with revision of typical concentrations per land use from the recently updated database as a Web application, complemented with a large amount of new data. Major update.
– We have started the development and have revised 21 substances and will continue with the rest of the substances. The default typical concentrations for each land use will be analysed for each substance by comparing with updated statistics (new mean and median values from complementary case studies) and other similar land uses. This development work will result in possible changes to be implemented as revised typical concentrations both in the database and in StormTac Web, to reflect time trends and with consideration to more data from more case studies and substances.

2. Include the effect of a raised well to the treatment effect for ditches, swales, dry ponds, structural soil and filter strips. Also update the function for bioretention where the effect of the raised well already is included.

3. Make it possible in wet pond in series to utilize the volume of the first pond if you release all the water without decreased small outflow from the first to the next pond. This development takes consideration to the effect of the total volume of all ponds in series to one outlet from the last pond, resulting in a better total flow detention effect.

4. We will continue to try to implement PFOS as a new substance in StormTac Web.
-We need complementary studies on treatment effects (%) in facilities of PFOS (especially wet ponds) and a few more PFOS concentration data from residential areas and roads to complete the introduction to StormTac Web.