About us

About us

StormTac corporation works mainly within the technical field of stormwater quantity and quality, and with studies regarding impacts on receiving waters.
We work with three main parts;

– Research, development and marketing of the web application StormTac Web

– Education and support of StormTac Web, also presenting research on international conferences

– Consultant projects for municipalities, other consultant companies, construction companies and real estate companies.

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StormTac Web
A stormwater and recipient model

Easy to use with outlined and clickable flowchart

Requires little input

Continuously updated

No software required


The StormTac application came to the market as an Excel application in 2001.
Since January 2015 the model was converted to a Web application; StormTac Web.

The application was developed by PhD Thomas Larm, Stockholm, Sweden, as an integrated watershed management tool for stormwater and receiving water calculations.

The used methods were scientific reviewed during and after Larms PhD thesis in 2000.

The methods are continuously updated and reviewed via papers and presentations on international conferences such as ICUD and Nordiwa. StormTac also has an ongoing collaboration with Luleå University, Sweden.
StormTac Web is presented under Method description.