Ongoing development
StormTac Web is continuously being developed with new data and methods, partly based upon feedback and requests from our users. The following development is going on right now:

1. Implementation of StormTac database in excel to StormTac Web. We currently spend most of our development time to update and improve the current database from an Excel-based model to a web-based model. This will make the database more accessible and user-friendly. This also includes an extensive literature search for more data.

2. Revision of typical concentration for new data from the BMP database.

3. Implementation of the possibility of dimensioning underground half-pipes with macadam bottom and circular sedimentation reservoirs / culverts with or without filters. This will be introduced but point 2 is higher prioritized due to demand and greater use. It is possible to dimension and calculate for the time being the treatment effect of such facilities today, but for the time being you can only calculate the length and width yourself separately using the volume the model calculates.