Ongoing development

Ongoing development

StormTac Web is continuously being developed with new data and methods, partly based upon feedback and requests from our users. The following development is going on right now:

1. Revision of typical concentrations per land use from the recently updated database as a Web application, complemented with a large amount of new data. Major update.

– The default typical concentrations for each land use will be analysed for each substance by comparing with updated statistics (new mean and median values from complementary case studies) and other similar land uses. This development work will result in possible changes to be implemented as revised typical concentrations both in the database and in Stormtac Web, to reflect time trends and with consideration to more data from more case studies and substances.

– The work is planned to be performed from August 2021, with changes implemented during September to December 2021. PFOS will probably be implemented into StormTac Web as a new substance during this period.

– After this major update, the updates of typical concentrations will of course continue as before with changes after addition of new data to the database and feedback from users, resulting in added literature search for new data.

– Other updates will also be performed during August to December 2021, such as improved functions to the recipient model, improved layout of facility pictures with added data, and much more updates presented as News in the application.